Eventually I will temper the rest of the males ex-capable weapons, but as of right now I’m focused on playing as my favs.

skeletonheaven ;  
You use their EX weapon in both slots?

Yes, for all my favs (which is all the females and a selected few of the males). Although it took a while to temper the weapons it paid off in the end. All the girls and the selected few of the males are obnoxiously strong on chaos!

Pretty sure I am going to do a photoset of the DW8 ladies. I am going to show you all the elements I use on their ex-capable weapons. I am WEAPON LOYAL. Why the hell most DW fans aren’t I couldn’t tell you, but I hate to see people complaining about how weak the women are. When you see the elements I put on their ex-capable weapons, try it out and you will see just how obnoxiously powerful the women are on chaos.)

With that being said, for weapon 1 & 2 I use ONLY the persons ex-capable weapon.. I mean, it’s THEIR weapon for a REASON!

The photoset should be up within the next couple of days ^.^ <3

I get fired up about the stupidest things. For some reason, thinking of Zhang Chunhua and what she would think always calms me down and makes me think how foolish I am for letting silly things get me fired up. Thank you Zhang Chunhua… XD

I’m really liking yuanjixji >.>

YuanjixJi [ such a H O T ship don’t you think? ]

CexJi [ my OTP ]


Yue Ying wallpaper

Sun Ce wallpaper